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We have many Classes and Programs available throughout the year you can be involved in.

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Thursdays in July @7:00pm - Meditation for Beginners

Join Pastor Jen to learn basic practices of meditation, including step-by-step instructions and weekly practices to experiment as you learn.

"What is meditation? Meditation is a mindfulness practice that has beenaround for thousands of years. Forms of meditation exist in nearly every religious tradition, including Christianity. You may know it by another name, such as prayer or contemplation. Meditation techniques are simple and can be learned in a few minutes orhours, but they take a lifetime of practice to master (or, rather, be mastered by!)."

-Center for Action and Contemplation

SUNDAYS Adult Bible Class - 10:00am - Fireside Room 

Enrich your worship experience by studying the weekly Bible verses from worship, reading Bible commentary, and discussing your own insights. Resources provided to enrich your thinking and/or conversation. No book to purchase. You never know who may show up!

MONDAY NIGHTS Small Group- 6:30pm in the Fireside Room

Real-life conversation at the intersection of faith and life, Led by every day Christians like you. All are welcome!

WEDNESDAY NIGHT - 7:00pm in the Trinity RoomThis group follows the confirmation class schedule.

SATURDAYS Women's Bible Study - 9:00-11:00am in the Youth Room

Food and fellowship are an intricate piece of this gathering where one another stories are told as inspired by reading together. Show up any Saturday morning.