Helping Hands

                                                                          Helping Hands


If you are you looking for a way to help members of our congregation during the holiday season, consider the St. John Helping Hands fund. Helping Hands provides for members under financial strain. Use the gold envelopes in our pews designated "Helping Hands." Donations are accepted year-round.

The St. John Helping Hands fund helps members and friends of St. John when they are going through difficult times due to illness, loss of income, and unexpected crisis. Thank you for your generosity.

  • If you are blessed to have income, please consider making a donation to the Helping Hands Fund.
  • We have Helping Hands designated envelopes four times a year in your weekly offering envelope package.

There are also golden pew envelopes marked “Helping Hands” that you may use. What is the Helping Hands Fund?



Thank you and God Bless!