Stewardship Team


Legacy Gifts, Estate Gifts, and Memorial Gifts

What’s the Difference?

An Estate gift, also called a Legacy gift, is a planned future donation to a charity, given through a will or other form of designation. Legacy giving allows you to provide tax benefits for your family and fund church ministry work. Legacy gifts are part of the overall estate or financial plan a donor makes during their lifetime or as part of a will, to benefit a charitable organization such as St. John Lutheran Church. Legacy gift options include, cash, stock, real estate or business interest. Legacy giving can provide valuable tax benefits for you and your spouse. The most frequent planned Legacy fits are bequests to charities, made through your will. Other popular planned Legacy gifts include charitable trust and charitable gift annuities, which can provide you with fixed payments while you support the work of St. John. Legacy gifts make it possible to make significant progress towards challenging St. John goals.

A Memorial gift is a donation made by a person in memory of someone who has died. These gifts can be designated for a special purpose or for general operations. St. John receives both Legacy and Memorial Gifts.

Our Church Council, Finance Committee, and Stewardship Team work together when we receive gifts.

If you would like more information on supporting St. John with a Legacy gift, please talk with Pastor Jen.